Farewell Jim Sterling


The Escapist bids a fond farewell to one of its favorite contributors.

Jim Sterling began posting videos on The Escapist back in April 2011. The first few Jimquisitions were a bit unpolished, shall we say, in the technical department. But once Jim got a new microphone, his voice got a lot stronger and his shows only got better. The Escapist proudly hosted Jim’s op-ed videos on the gaming industry for more than three years and 210 episodes. Last year, I was extremely happy to ask him to join the editorial team as Reviews Editor. Jim’s professionalism was only outmatched by his surprisingly tender heart – despite his persona, Jim is really just a big teddy bear of a person. He was a fixture at the Escapist Expo, worked with the other contributors on tons of collaborations and everyone here considers him a part of the family.

It is with a heavy heart, then, that I announce Jim Sterling’s departure from The Escapist. Jimquisition, Movie Defense Force and Uncivil War will no longer be published here. There will also no longer be any game reviews written by Jim Sterling at The Escapist.

I’m happy to say that even though Jim’s work will no longer be presented at The Escapist, it is by no means going away. He has set up an amazing Patreon which will allow him to continue writing reviews and making Jimquisition videos through the direct support of his readers. Jim will only be beholden to you, the consumers, and I think that’s awesome. On behalf of everyone here at The Escapist, I wish him all the best and I sincerely hope you head to Jim’s Patreon to check it out. I know I will be going there to watch his videos every week.

Thank God for Jim Sterling,

Greg Tito

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