A member of the hacking group that broke into Sony’s databases and hacked Nintendo may have been arrested, but LulzSec denies it.

Hacker group LulzSec has been more than a headache for Sony lately, though it has also targeted Nintendo.

According to the Epoch Times, following the Sony developer site hack earlier this week, leaked LulzSec chat logs claimed that the group had come under attack by “military hackers.” The same logs said that one of their members, Robert Cavanaugh, had been arrested by the FBI.

However, LulzSec has stated that the chat server that had been hacked was merely their recruiting channel, not their main channel – and that Cavanaugh was not one of their own. According to the LulzSec release, the person who leaked their chatlogs has been “completely hacked” in retaliation.

“Nobody arrested, no significant logs leaked, website up, twitter up, Pirate Bay account up, IRC up, Lulz Boat sailing… victory for us,” the group wrote on Twitter. In response to the arrest news, another Tweet followed: “That’s strange because all of us are still here. Uh-oh!”

It’s almost entertaining to watch LulzSec so openly defy organizations that are much bigger with much heavier political clout in a high-tech version of David & Goliath, but I can’t help but see this as kind of bull-baiting. You can only taunt a bull so much before you get the horns.

(Via Kotaku)

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