FCC Open Comments on Net Neutrality: 72,000 Posts and Counting


…and by the time this post is published, and read by you? It’s probably 73,000.

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve seen John Oliver’s rant about net neutrality, and his rallying call to get as many netizens as possible to hit the FCC’s “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet” comment page. And if you haven’t watched it yet? It’s embedded for your enjoyment.

So how’s it been going since comments starting coming in? What kind of impact did John Oliver have with his Call to eArms?

Over 72,000 comments have been filed to the FCC as of this posting, with nearly 46,000 of those comments coming in the last 30 days.

The bonus here is that such comments are open to all to read. While I’m sure some percentage can be filed in the Troll category, there seems to be a three-day gap between filed submissions, and when they’re posted, so perhaps some sort of filtering is happening to keep out unrelated comments. From some initial browsing, many comments read like this submission from Mark Nakajima of Orlando, Florida.

The internet should be open. Time Warner, Comcast and every other internet provider should not be able to charge more for providing optimal speed from different websites. All data should be treated the same. The internet and cable providers are exerting their monopolies inappropriately. I support an open internet. No to a two tiered internet.

Have you submitted a filing yet? You can file a comment here — use the filing number 14-28 — and let the FCC know how you feel about an Open Internet.

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