Fear 3‘s multiplayer is a bit different from what you’d normally expect – including one game type that has you just fleeing for your very life.

Fear 3 (which I refuse to write as F.3.A.R. no matter how much they push that name) has largely slipped under my radar for the most part, but this multiplayer trailer for the Day 1 Studios FPS is somewhat intriguing.

Specifically, it’s interesting because it doesn’t hold to conventions found in most other modern FPS titles. There’s no territory hold, no Capture the Flag – hell, it doesn’t even look like there’s a standard “Deathmatch” mode in sight.

Instead, we have modes like “Soul King”, where you play a ghostly soul that possesses the bodies of hapless soldiers and has them shoot other soldiers, who are in turn possessed by souls of their own. I guess this is the closest thing to a Deathmatch there is, but it’s a neat little twist.

“Contraction” seems like the most standard of all the modes – judging from this trailer, it’s a survival campaign like Firefight, Horde Mode or Nazi Zombies, but you get suits of robot power armor here, which could make all the difference.

There’s not much information on “Soul Survivor”, but it looks like an “Infection” style game, where those who are downed then join the other team until only one person is left standing. But perhaps the most imaginative gameplay type is the aptly named “F**king Run” mode.

Guess what you do in that one? Go on, guess.

If you guessed, “Run from an advancing wall of cloudy death that resembles the Nothing from Neverending Story while shooting enemies in your path,” then bingo. Give yourself a cookie.

On the other hand, the gametypes look cool, but something about the actual gameplay itself looks a bit awkward – or perhaps it’s that the graphics don’t look nearly like what we’d expect from a high-end shooter these days? Oh, and the “creepy girl” isn’t very creepy at all.

Fear 3 is out at the end of May.

(Via RPS)

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