Following news that GameSpot reviewer Jeff Gerstmann was fired, staff from a competing company marched to the offices of GameSpot with a banner that read, “We Support Fellow Game Reviewers.”

According to some circulating rumors, Gerstmann’s firing came as a result of a negative written and video review he gave to a Kane & Lynch, recently published by Eidos. Eidos has a strong advertising relationship with Gamespot’s parent company, CNET, as evidenced by the game’s heavy promotions carried on the GameSpot website.

The marching staff were Ziff Davis employees, and some of them worked for GameSpot competitor, 1UP. Their office was only two blocks down from Gamespot’s.

1UP News Editor Patrick Klepek said, “Even though 1UP and GameSpot are competition, what’s happening over there includes industry-wide ramifications, when the dust finally settles.”

Gerstmann has said he is unable to comment on the terms of his firing.

CNET has refused to comment on the case specifically but issued a general statement insisting GameSpot’s editorial integrity is intact.


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