FIFA Tips from Top Footballer SV2


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With the season coming to a close in FIFA 20 before the release of FIFA 21, you might be looking for a few strategies to get the most out of those final few FUT drafts.

Who better to ask than one of England’s top football talents and content creators, SV2? As one of the top players in the U.K. youth leagues before he became a full-time YouTuber, SV2 has a thorough understanding of the beautiful game, and he’s found ways to translate his skills online.

In this breakdown, SV2 walks through how to pick the corner from outside the box, setting up your defenders for online play, and even how to increase your chances of drafting 99-rated players in FIFA Ultimate Team drafts.

Check out the video to see his top tips on how to improve your FUT drafts, increase your defensive capabilities, and make every day game day.

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