The day is near! One decade later, the Final Fantasy series finally appears on a Nintendo home console. Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles comes out tomorrow and I’ve been meaning to talk about it for a while. The thing that surprised me the most about CC is that there wasn’t as much complaint as I imagined there would be about all the equipment needed to play Chrystal Chronicles. Not to be discouraging anybody from picking up CC, I thought it would be fun to see exactly how much a person has to throw down to have the full complete experience.

Nintendo GameCube: $99.99
Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: $49.99
Four Game Boy Advance SP (Why settle for anything less?): $399.96
Four Game Boy Link Cables: $39.96
Total: $589.90

Why did I do that? I don’t know, curiosity mainly. Granted you have to get your lazy ass friends to buy their own GBAs and if you’re lucky enough even their own link cable. For those lucky people out there who got their pre-orders in, you actually get one of the link cables for free, so that’s nice. Also the GameCube is clearly already boughten so that really shouldn’t be a factor in the price either.

The thing everybody should know is that the GBAs are completely needed. You couldn’t do the game without them. As I’m sure you’ve already read, they allow you to equip your character, manage your inventory, choose spells, and all sorts of other things with out ever disturbing the play or flow of the game. You probably also know that one guy gets choosen at random to have the map and it only shows up on his GBA and it’s his job to lead the troops. I can’t wait, I’m pretty pumped for CC, it sounds awesome. I’m hopefully going to be getting some buddies over this weekend and play through it. They say it’s an amazing multiplayer experience. 100 times better with four people than playing solo.

Alright, everyone have fun with Chrystal Chronicles tomorrow. Drop me a line and let me know what you think of it. Good or Bad impressions, doesn’t matter, I’d like to know.

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