Final Fantasy VI Fan Film Aims to Bring Classic RPG to Life


The Final Fantasy: Terra project hopes to Kickstart a Final Fantasy VI movie with Square Enix’s permission.

While the popular face of the Final Fantasy franchise tends to be grounded in Final Fantasy VII, there are other entries in the franchise that people love just as much and might even say are better. I, for instance, am a member of that sect of gamers that absolutely adores Final Fantasy VI. It’s a title I never tire of and, were I given a fifty hour slot of unadultered free time, I’d gladly drop everything and play it again right now.

Far from being alone in my love of this game, there are lot of gamers who appreciate Final Fantasy VI. Some, in fact, enjoy it so much they want to make a movie out of it. To that end, Bad Pixel, a visual effects company run by Brad Pohl, recently released a trailer he hopes to use as fodder to convince Square Enix to give them the rights to Kickstart and film Final Fantasy: Terra, a full-fledged cinematic feature based on the beloved RPG.

Pohl’s odds of acquiring the publisher’s official approval may be somewhat dubious. Just recently for instance, the company shutdown another Kickstarter fan project aimed at producing a web-series based on Final Fantasy VII. In Pohl’s opinion, that group’s mistake was launching its fundraising campaign without receiving prior approval from the company. Even taking a more diplomatic route however, Pohl has no illusions about his chances.

“Getting their blessing is a Hail Mary, I know,” said Pohl. “But I’m too ambitious not to try.” If he isn’t able to obtain the rights he needs to make the film, the future of Final Fantasy: Terra could be uncertain. “We could continue to go it alone and invest in it ourselves, like we did the trailer. But we finished that yesterday and I’m still decompressing from that experience,” he said. “If all that ever happens is this trailer, then I’m happy. This was an absolute hoot to make. From the amazing costume designer, to the professional actors, I had the time of my life.”

Source: Kotaku

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