Final Fantasy VII‘s long-awaited HD remake is coming first to PS4.

Well, the day has finally come. Square Enix has finally played its last ace-in-the-whole and announced a full HD remake of its much-loved RPG classic: Final Fantasy VII.

The game’s reveal trailer showed Cloud’s world in glorious full HD, and it looks like this game will be taking full advantage of the PS4 to breathe some ultra realistic graphics into the dated title. It does appear to be a full remake rather than a spin-off, or a new title in the same universe.

However, Sony stopped short on announcing its exclusivity, merely stating that the game was coming “first” to PS4, suggesting that an eventually PC, and maybe even Xbox release may come after.

No release date was given, but it was suggested that the game would be a digital-download affair, rather than a full physical release.

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