Xbox One Controller 310x

$59.99 gets you an controller with a PC USB cable, and it will still work with your Xbox One, too.

You’ll have to pry the keyboard and mouse from my cold, dead hands (in this case, a cramped Toshiba ultraportable keyboard, and a Razer Orochi mouse), but let’s be honest, here, PC contingent: There are many games we all know and love that simply play better with a controller. Madden on PC? Street Fighter IV? A smattering of various indie games? All designed for controller input, and it shows.

So take this news as good tidings, and not the end of the PC gaming world as you know it. Microsoft has finally, officially, brought its Xbox One controller to Windows.

The unit, seen here on the Microsoft Store website, will run you $59.99. The controller comes with a USB cable to connect to your PC or Windows tablet of choice, but it still works with the Xbox One console as well. For those of you who Battlefield on the PC, and Titanfall on the Xbox One (or vice versa if you’re a weirdo)? Here’s your golden goose.

The coolest thing about the Xbox One controller? It’s…what? What’s that? You say that Xbox One controllers out in the wild already work on the PC? And that Microsoft released Xbox One controller drivers for Windows back in the Spring? And that any Micro USB cable will connect your Xbox One controller to your PC? Like this Prime-eligible $7 doozy on Amazon?

Oh. Ok then!

Snark aside: If you already have an Xbox One in the house, a driver download and a Micro USB cable (like that one that shipped with your Android phone) will connect its controller to your PC. If you’re Xbox One-less? This new $60 SKU is for you, since it comes with a cable, and costs the same as a standalone console controller.

Source: Microsoft Store | via PC Gamer

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