The mysterious “FindMakarov” website has revealed a very realistic Modern Warfare short film.

Just in case you need to catch up, a website recently popped up called “” that had an aesthetic similar to Modern Warfare and featured a countdown clock. Gamers theorized that it had something to do with Modern Warfare 3, but Activision said it was a hoax, and the site was later determined to likely be part of a Call of Duty fan film. The fan film prediction has panned out, because that’s what we’re now linked to upon visiting the website.

It’s a really good fan film too, recreating scenes from the Modern Warfare titles in real locations using real-life actors. What makes the film intriguing is that it does this from a first-person view, exactly how the scenes would appear in the games.

There’s a scene from a Modern Warfare training level, a bunch of close-up headshots, and a segment with Lieutenant General Shepherd being a royal jerk and stabbing the viewer in the neck. Fan-favorite Simon “Ghost” Riley also makes a brief appearance.

The short film was created by Toronto’s We Can Pretend, a “creative collective” that says it strives to “create interactive spectacles and enhance human connectivity through digital media.” I don’t know what that means, but I’d say it’s probably done that with this Modern Warfare trailer, right?

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