Fire Alarm at Brothers in Arms Development Offices


Plano-based Gearbox Software experienced an electrical fire in their Bank of America Tower penthouse floor offices. No personnel injuries or equipment damage reported.

On Monday, June 26th the building’s fire alarm began to sound at around 10:00 AM. Smoke issued from the building’s elevator control room. As Gearbox employees begin to take the stairs, they were met by firemen heading up.

Nor is this the first fire to occur in the game industry. In late January of this year, publisher Take-Two announced that a fire had damaged the Manhattan based offices of 2K Games.

After burning for thirty to forty minutes, the Gearbox fire was extinguished. The fire was traced to the large electrical panel that controls the elevator motors, housed in the building’s machine room. Smoke damage was reported on the 13th floor, but the multi-player servers were not damaged.

“We’re glad no one was hurt and nothing was damaged,” concluded a company spokesperson. “Now life continues on at Gearbox as usual!”

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