Fire Emblem‘s Falchion Sword Recreated on Man at Arms


Swordsmith Tony Swattion has recreated Chrom’s Falchion from the 3DS hit Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Fire Emblem: Awakening made quite the splash earlier this year when it released to critical fanfare and broke franchise sales records. That in mind, the game and franchise understandably earned a lot of new fans, many of whom have apparently been petitioning swordsmith Tony Swatton to recreate Falchion, the weapon of the game’s protagonist Chrom.

Swatton finally gave these fans what they’d been asking for today with in a new episode of his YouTube series Man at Arms. Setting his sights on crafting a real life version of Falchion, Swatton first found a pattern on the internet that he blew up to an approximate size and then traced onto a quarter-inch thick piece of 5160 steel. From there he began using his tools to shape the hunk of metal into the fantasy blade.

In addition to the steelwork, Swatton also had to make bronze pommel and hilt parts that he and his crew cast in-house using custom handcrafted molds. As complicated as that sounds, “grinding the blade” itself was, according to Swatton, the “hardest work on it.” This was difficult in no small part thanks to the extra complication added by the big fat decorative “donut” positioned at the base of the blade.

As hard as he had and his team had to work on it, the end results, much like his recent Blades of Chaos replica, are undeniably worth it. Watching his Falchion slice through cucumbers and soda bottles is pure magic and a must see for hardcore fans of Fire Emblem.

Source: YouTube

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