This one goes out to all the griefers.

The sworn nemesis of any Minecraft player isn’t the colossal Ender Dragon, nor is it the ubiquitous Creeper. The true threat is a much more sinister force – the griefer. A new music video from Red 5 Studios pays tribute to this destructive character, animated and recorded in blocky Minecraft-ian machinima to the tune of PSY’s Gentleman. Also, it features the freakishly long-limbed Enderman dancing the Charleston. If that doesn’t convince you to give up a minute and a half of your time, I don’t know what will.

The video works well with Gentleman, and not just because of PSY’s knack for producing K-pop earworms. The original music video for Gentleman basically involved PSY running around griefing people in real life, so it’s a fitting match. Having seen the original, it’s not hard to imagine the singer filling your carefully-designed castle with TNT blocks, just for kicks.

Of course, the titular griefer in the music video isn’t content to just hide TNT blocks, oh no. He hides lava for unsuspecting homeowners, destroys fields of crops, abuses helpless chickens – everything that, sadly, is at the disposal of a typical online jerk. I don’t know about you, but I think we need to get some parental advisory warnings on this music video. This is not the type of behavior that young, impressionable miners/crafters should be exposed to!

Grieferman, as the parody song is called, was produced by, the video production team of game development company Red 5 Studios. Red 5 is currently working on action-MMO Firefall, though this video clearly has nothing to do with that game: Stage 5 aims to produce network-quality television by gamers, for gamers. It’s an admirable effort, and if it means seeing more clever videos like this one, then hopefully it will pay off for the studio.

Source: YouTube

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