Firm Accidentally Buys $31 Billion In Capcom Stock


Oops. Someone must’ve spilled coffee on their keyboard over at the offices of the UBS AG investment firm, because the firm’s Japan unit somehow accidentally bought $31 billion in Capcom stock.

Intending to place a 30 million yen order to buy and sell the Capcom stocks, UBS says that a computer error caused their system to up that order to 3 trillion ($31 billion USD) instead. Luckily, someone was actually doing their job when it happened, and the order was cancelled soon afterward, no harm done to either party or to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which had just seen the biggest trade in its history occur thanks to some crummy computer.

The company, obviously, doesn’t even have that much stock to sell, Capcom’s Seth Killian said.

“And we were *this* close to getting gold fronts for the whole team,” Killian wrote, bemoaning a missed opportunity to fill the company’s offices with grills worthy of Paul Wall.

That aside, the snafu should have little effect on the stocks concerned. “We see this as causing almost no harm for us,” Capcom spokesman Ryosuke Tanaka said.

That’s good, but someone needs to either get fired or fix the damn system at UBS. Unless it’s really just working fine, and some investor just really, really likes Street Fighter IV. That I wouldn’t find hard to believe, and now probably wouldn’t be a bad time at all to buy Capcom stock, would it? Excuse me while I call my money man…


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