First impressions, Goblet of Fire Soundtrack


The Track Listing
The Story Continues
Frank Dies
The Quidditch World Cup
The Dark Mark
Foreign Visitors Arrive
The Goblet of Fire
Rita Skeeter
Sirius Fire
Harry Sees Dragons
Golden Egg
Neville’s Waltz
Harry in Winter
Potter Waltz
Underwater Secrets
The Black Lake
Hogwarts March
The Maze
Death of Cedric
Another Year Ends
Hogwarts Hymn
Do the Hippogriff
This is the Night
Magic Works

These are impressions as I’m listening to it without a break or any repeats, so they are short. I’ll try to not be pretentious like I am an expert reviewer of albums, however. A * will go by the tracks I enjoyed especially.

The Story Continues – A very different introduction to the story, the music is darker and grim with a hint of familiarity mid-way through of the Williams’ theme. *
Frank Dies – Quiet. Good for exploring the Riddle House. I imagine the picture in my head is not how the scene will play out, however.
The Quidditch World Cup – Sporty and uplifting! Just when you think it gets a bit repetitive, the tone changes dramatically and it gets almost tribal sounding. We’ve heard parts of this in the trailers, I think.
The Dark Mark – Frantic and frenzied to start, then hushed and quiet for a few seconds, until you get the impression – the Mark has been cast. It goes back to being eerie and a bit quiet, but things are a lot heavier.
Foreign Visitors Arrive – More familiar tune, with a definite spin. We’re back at Hogwarts, and the glittery Beauxbatons are arriving with a bit of heavy Durmstrang here. *
The Goblet of Fire – Majestic and slightly magical. Definitely lighter in spots, but it takes itself seriously. By the end, it’s all business.
Rita Skeeter – Mischievious and sparkly! Almost like you can see her quill punctuating the parchment in spots. (I like this one!) *
Sirius Fire – Slow, deliberate, simmering, and blinks out at the end.
Harry Sees Dragons – Quiet and hushed, then you can almost pick the moment the dragons are seen. I will probably be wrong on that.
Golden Egg – A long track, second only to Voldemort. It stays pretty regal and majestic sounding throughout. Very ‘entering a big stadium’ feeling. It almost could be split into two different tracks, but not quite.
Neville’s Waltz – Hurray! The beginning of the Yule Ball series of tracks, this is a sweet and light waltz.
Harry in Winter – Beautiful! Not dark or gloomy at all to me. Refreshing, actually. *
Potter Waltz – Faster waltz – I can imagine Harry having a lot of trouble keeping up with this one. Feet will be stepped on!
Underwater Secrets – My first thought? Bubbles. Next followed by looking around searching underwater. Found! Suddenly there are vocals! The end is okay, but considering the lyrics that had to be worked with, it’s not stellar.
The Black Lake – Dangerous. Definitely fits the Second Task with a triumphant ending.
Hogwarts March – Oh yeah, that’s almost too perky for my day, but very fitting.
The Maze – Dark, with things hiding and jumping out at the champions.
Voldemort – I am skipping this one for now. Something has to be a surprise!
Death of Cedric – I don’t profess to be a Cedric fangirl by any means, but this high pitched tune is very appropriately sad sounding.
Another Year Ends – A slow, serious tune. Fitting.
Hogwarts Hymn – It reminds me of some other tune in another non-Potter film I can’t place in bits, but it’s definitely original.
Do the Hippogriff – Are you ready? The beginning was me going .. okay… I’m not ready! Put it back in the box! But it calmed down into a hilarious and bouncy track that had me laughing. A hand in the air waver, definitely. I can see the Hogwarts students jamming to this. *
This is the Night – It seems very emo to me.
Magic Works – The silly, stereotypical cheesy slow song of the big dance, done up magically. You cringe and laugh and the same time, if you’re me.

So there it is – first impressions!

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