Nick Calandra
Nick Calandra has been covering video games for over 14 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Journalism and now leads the team at The Escapist. Previously Nick created and led teams at TitanReviews, Velocity Gamer, OnlySP and Gameumentary, before becoming Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist in 2019. He has done everything from covering the smallest of indie games to creating documentaries on some of the most well-known video game franchises in the industry such as Darksiders, Divinity: Original Sin, EVE and more. While his favorite games right now include Rainbow Six Siege and Elden Ring, Nick is constantly experimenting with new genres to expand his gaming tastes and knowledge of the industry.

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The Escapist is proud to present our latest documentary on the making of EVE Online, detailing the early development and philosophy behind the game, along with highlighting the unique player stories that make up the game's ongoing legacy.
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Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios has finally arrived. Here's what we think after putting dozens of hours into the game.
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The Escapist is proud to present our documentary on The Making of Sea of Stars, filmed on location in Quebec City with developer Sabotage Studio.
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We have a schedule update on Zero Punctuation at The Escapist to harmonize the website and YouTube and make a better viewing experience!
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breakout podcast playstation showcase 2023 failed to give ps5 playstation 5 clear roadmap lack of firsty-party studio games
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launch embarrassing Arkane Austin Redfall got a May 2023 release date on Xbox Series X & PC and a gameplay deep dive at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct.
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Breakout podcast: We got some hands-on impressions playing Dead Island 2, The Finals, Resident Evil 4, and more.
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The Recap podcast: Marty, Darren, and Nick discuss the finale of The Last of Us and everything else they've been watching.
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In preview, Dead Island 2 feels like a long lost Xbox 360 game, with reliable, safe mission structure and lack of interactivity but also awesome gore mechanics.
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Rocksteady Studios Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League goes all in with the gear scores, guns, equipment, and live-service elements, which is frustrating and unfortunate.