First Look at Marvel Anime


Ever wondered what Iron Man and Wolverine would look like if viewed through the lens of anime? Well wonder no longer, because now you can watch!

Marvel has teamed up with British comic author Warren Ellis and veteran anime studio Madhouse to create anime versions of four Marvel franchises. The first two were announced last week and feature Wolverine and Iron Man, and the trailers for the two series have been released this weekend.

The Iron Man trailer shows the eponymous hero going toe-to-toe with high-tech pirates in power armor, and is the better of the two in my humble opinion

The Wolverine trailer is going to anger some fans, as Logan – who has an excellent name by the way – has been re-imagined as a bishounen with a mullet fighting ninjas and giants that turn into bats, something of a break from his normal depiction.

It’s been a while since I’ve really been into anime, but I must confess my curiosity is piqued. Warren Ellis is responsible for some amazing stuff, like Transmetropolitan, Planetary and the wonderful parody Nextwave. Similarly, Madhouse has made some of my favourite anime, so I’m interested to see how this turns out.

Source: io9

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