Saints Row IV‘s first DLC will share the name of the cancelled Saints Row III expansion: Enter the Dominatrix.

Saints Row IV isn’t even out yet, but that isn’t stopping a voice-acting panel at Comic-Con from spilling the beans on the game’s first DLC. It will be called Enter The Dominatrix, sharing the same name as the cancelled Saints Row III expansion pack, and release just 45 days after the game’s launch. Enter the Dominatrix features a bizarre meta-narrative, where in a behind-the-scenes style narration, various characters explain why the content in the DLC was cut from the main game.

The voice-acting panel, which included Steve Jaros, studio head at Deep Silver Volition; Troy Baker (the default male character’s voice actor); Laura Bailey (the default female character’s voice actress); J.B. Blanc, (alien overlord Zinyak); and Yuri Lowenthal (Matt Miller, Professor Genki), also revealed some more details about the game.

Fans of Saints Row III‘s pro-wrestling minigame will be saddened to know that it won’t be returning in the sequel. The zombie voice also won’t be returning, as it has been replaced with the “Nolan North” voice option. A joke is only funny once, Jaros said. Wrestler Chris Daniels will be hosting one of the game’s radio stations, however, and another station will feature the alien overlord Zinyak reading the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice in it’s entirety.

Players will also run into some members of Saints Row II‘s Ronin gang, and while the game is known for it’s “silly” humor that allows them to gloss over glaring plot holes, Jaros promises that there will be a “satisfying explanation” behind Johnny Gat’s return from the dead.

Source: Gameinformer

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