First Strike Mod for Battlefield 2142 Now Available


The first release version of the Star Wars-based First Strike mod for Battlefield 2142 is now available for free download.

The total conversion mod, in development since August 2005, is set immediately following the dissolution of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. As Palpatine’s goons spread across the galaxy and a handful of heroes rise up to stand against them, players can choose to side with either the the Rebel or Imperial forces as one of four unique classes for each side. Famous ships, vehicles, weapons and droids from the Star Wars setting are also included. Battles will take place on multiple worlds, many already familiar to fans of the movies.

Battlefield 2142 is the fourth and most recent game in Electronic Arts’ Battlefield series of team-based shooters. Released in late 2006, the game supports up to 64 players at a time in a future war over the world’s dwindling resources during a “second Ice Age.” While a popular game, it has not received the same level of critical acclaim as its predecessors, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2.

The volunteer development team is already planning a second release for the mod with increased content, but says it will let gamers “get their teeth into this first” before they release any details, and support and feedback options are available on the First Strike forums. The server and client software are available for download at the official website as well as the GameUpdates torrent.

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