First Trailer For Jon Stewart’s Directing Debut, Rosewater


Daily Show host directs Iranian hostage drama based on a true story

In 2009, Iranian Canadian journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari was arrested, imprisoned and tortured by Iranian authorities for 118 days on suspicion of being a spy – accusations based in part on a parody interview he gave to The Daily Show regarding the nation’s controversial recent elections. The experiences in prison were the subject of an autobiographical book, Then They Came for Me.

Now, Daily Show host Jon Stewart has directed a film based on the book, Rosewater, with Gael García Bernal as Bahari. The production of the film was the main reason for Stewart’s lengthy sabbatical earlier this year, during which time John Oliver occupied his host position.

The film is set to debut as a hot ticket at the Telluride International Film Festival in September before a full release in November. Many industry-watchers are eyeing it as a potential awards contender.

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