After weeks of teasing, Lionhead Studios shows off Knothole Island, the first expansion for the Xbox 360’s flagship RPG.

Always leave it to Peter Molyneux and his crew to be a few steps ahead of their handlers. Lionhead Studios began teasing a “big” announcement two weeks ago, until its owner, Microsoft Game Studios, stepped in to put them back in line. Fortunately, there are no more delays to be had as Lionhead has announced the first round of downloadable content for Fable II, Knothole Island.

Coming mid-December for 800 Microsoft Points, Knothole Island will take adventurers to a once prosperous region where a snow has come and ravaged the land. Knowing the world of Albion, there’s some nefarious sort of being behind all this and it’s up to the heroes of the world to face the trials of Knothole Island’s three shrines to bring back the Sun.

The three shrines represent the three unique quests and dungeons being offered in the expansion, but that’s not all. Players can look forward to a whole new wardrobe to discover, including suits of armor and leather biker outfits. There will also be six new weapons to collect (with new augments to customize them with) and dozens of unique potions to alter your hero’s appearance.

Along with the paid expansion will come a free download which will allow players with Knothole Island to play co-operatively online with those who do not. The free download will also come with a few additional gifts, including a new pair of boots, gloves, a special weight loss potion, a collectable silver book and more to be revealed.

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