Five Dead in Chinese Game Center Dispute


A massive brawl at a gaming center in China ended in tragedy Sunday night.

Over the weekend, an argument broke out at the Milky Way Express, a gaming center in Chongqing, quickly erupting in violence that claimed the lives of five people and injured at least two other individuals. At the height of the melee, more than 20 people were reportedly involved. Some wielded knives and batons, according to reports.

The fray started when several young men began arguing with the game center’s manager, police told the Xinhua news agency. As the incident escalated, the fight broke out and others joined the brawl. Police did not release the names of those killed in the fight, since the investigation was still ongoing. Following the incident, authorities mandated security inspections at internet bars and videogame centers in the area.

There’s no word as to what set off the argument. Given the limited information released by the authorities, it’s hard to say whether the dispute arose from a gaming-related matter, gang business or just rowdy behavior.

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