Flash game portal has freed up room for any developer to submit and sell titles.

Australian casual game developer 3RD sense has opened its game portal,, to any and all developers. Currently, only Flash 8 games are available, but languages and types of games supported will increase in time.

The service allows studios to sell and demo their games from the site while reaping advertising and sales revenue. 3RD sense is offering its partners documentation, game play tracking, revenue tracking, automated statements, technical support, personalized SDKs and developer pages.

“We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on how to best generate revenue from Casual Games,” explains 3RD sense Chief Executive Officer Colin Cardwell. “The developers get a very generous revenue share too, probably the best in the business.”

He continued, “It can often be tough for the smaller Casual Game Developers to get distribution for their games and we should know, we are one. Fizzy gives direct access to a proven market. The arrangement is non exclusive too, so this is going to revenue over and above developers are achieving elsewhere.”

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