Flagship Seattle Announced


Flagship Studios, the developers behind the upcoming Hellgate: London, have opened a studio in Seattle. The new group is working on Mythos, an online RPG from the creator of Wild Tangent’s Fate.

According to Flagship, the new studio’s game will be used to test the network architecture they’ll be using for Hellgate: London. Project director Travis Baldree, former creator of the popular online RPG Fate, is the head of the new studio and lead on Mythos. Other team members have worked on titles including Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and SWAT 3.

“To be involved in the formation of Flagship Seattle is an honor,” said Baldree. “We are sure that Mythos will put Flagship Seattle on the map, and in turn will become an integral part of the Flagship Studios experience.”

Mythos will be digitally distributed by Flagship Studios subsidiary Ping0 in North America and Europe next year. No specific date has been set for either game.

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