After 20 years, the sci-fi Amiga classic is making a return.

Remember Flashback? If not, you might relate to the game’s amnesiac protagonist – or it might be the fact that the original game is more than 20 years old now. Flashback was released on the Amiga by French developer Delphine Software in 1992, to critical and commercial success. Now, it’s looking like fans of the sci-fi action-platformer will be having some flashbacks of their own: Ubisoft has announced that Flashback will be coming to XBLA and PSN as an HD reimagining of the classic adventure, with the game’s original creator at the helm.

Paul Cuisset, who designed the original, is in charge of the remake with his new studio VectorCell. He plans on keeping Flashback as faithful to its namesake as possible, while bringing some modern innovations to keep it entertaining beyond the nostalgia value. All the classic elements are there: You are Conrad B. Hart, an agent who discovered an alien plot to invade Earth before having his memories erased, and now it’s up to him to stop them. He’ll do this mainly by jumping, shooting, and rolling through a variety of colorful levels.

Amiga veterans will be in for a few surprises, as the gameplay is spiced up with new mechanics like an experience progression system and a handful of new gadgets. The story will have a few new twists and turns as well, with some fresh characters being brought to life in the Unreal-powered remake. All in all, it should stack up nicely against modern platformers, despite (or because of) its old-school roots.

Flashback is “coming soon” as a downloadable title on XBLA and PSN.

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