The official PSP demo for FlatOut: Head On is available today.

Published by Empire Interactive and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the title is based on its more viscerally titled predecessor, FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

The game features thee main modes: carnage race, deathmath derby and ragdoll stunts. The first mode pits players against the clock to win points by wreaking as much havoc as possible to everything around them. The second takes place in an arena in a do-or-die competition against other participants. The last mode allows players to catapult their driver through the windshield of their own car to splat him onto a metal “net.”

Fittingly, the game’s advertisers describe it as “some of the most destructive hi-octane motorized anarchy handheld racing has ever seen.”

The demo can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

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