So THIS, apparently, is where Florida decides to draw the line

The Doctor’s faithful conveyance, The TARDIS, has carried its faithful occupant through battles with nemeses as varied and alarming as The Daleks, The Cybermen and even his fellow Time Lords. But now, they seem poised to face their most alarming foe yet: Floridians.

The Lexington Home Owners Association of Tampa Florida has levied a notice of violation against a resident couple. Their transgression? Having placed a life-sized replica of The TARDIS from Doctor Who in the driveway of their home (it had previous been a plot in their Doctor-themed wedding.) In a letter to the couple (which they in turn posted to The Prop Replica Forum), the Lexington HOA ominously describes the “blue call box” as being “in violation of The Governing Documents” and gives the couple a 15 day ultimatum by which to remove the space/time-travel vehicle.

The couple in question, for their part, seem to be taking the conflict in stride, posting to Facebook that:

“I’m slightly amused by this….I maintain this is a mode of transportation, therefore I have every right to park it in my driveway.”

Source: The Nerd Bastards

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