The four PS3 and PS Vita titles will be on the PS4 around the console’s launch as Cross-Buy titles.

Sony announced today it is bringing four existing games, Flow, Flower, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan to the PS4 in November. The company describes the four games as “small, innovative games” that have been “pushing the boundaries of gaming.”

All four titles are Cross-Buy games, which means once you buy it on one system, you can download it for free on any other available system. Sony added if you have already purchased one of the four games on the PlayStation store, they will be available on the PS4 and PS Vita as a free download as soon as they release.

In Flower, from game developer thatgamecompany, the player controls the wind move a flower petal, and as the player’s petal flies near other petals, more and more petals will fly through the wind controlled by the player. The game has no dialogue or text and designed to be more of an emotive art piece. It will be released on the PS4 on the console’s launch day, Nov. 15.

Queasy Games’ Sound Shapes is a musical platformer also set to release on the PS4 on Nov. 15. The game is a sidescrolling platformer where you must adhere to the beat and rhythm while making your way past obstacles and enemies.

Flow, another title from thatgamecompany, will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita on Nov. 29. The game was based on game developer Jenova Chen’s research in game difficult balancing – automatically changing parameters in a videogame based on the player’s ability to match their playing level and find that sweet spot of not boring but not frustrating. The player controls a worm-like creature and travel through planes.

Escape Plan, a PS Vita title developed by Fun Bits Interactive, also comes to the PS4 on Nov. 29. Sony stated it has spent a lot of time reworking the Vita controls for the DualShock 4 controller. In this game, the player controls two characters through dangerous rooms.

For many of these games, the experience is more important than the visuals, but it wouldn’t hurt to see them look even better on the screen.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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