Is anyone surprised?

If you are familiar with the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, you likely aren’t surprised to learn that creator Scott Cawthon has released his newest game, RPG FNaF World, ahead of schedule. One week ago, Cawthon gave a release date of February 19 for the game. Yet here we are, with the game currently available for purchase on Steam.

According to the description, the game features 40 playable characters, multiple endings and difficulties, and a “great soundtrack.” It is available here for $9.99.

“Take control of Freddy and the gang as they set out on a quest in the world beneath worlds, a world that reflects the actions and deeds of the “flipside”, where things have started becoming distorted and broken,” the page reads. “Lead your team deeper into this digital world to find the source of these glitches and monsters, and restore it to what it was designed to be- a safe haven.”

Although Cawthon previously stated, that the game would not be a horror – and it certainly doesn’t look like a horror – the description warns the player to be careful, because “behind the curtain there may be something even more sinister pulling the strings…”

Cawthon’s last title, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, was originally scheduled for a Halloween release date. The expected date was moved forward to August, but ended up releasing even earlier, in July.

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