The executive producer of Dead Space isn’t happy about how EA treated him when he left Visceral Games.

When you’re the manager of a McDonald’s and upper management treats you badly, nobody tends to notice when you tweet about it. When you’re in the videogame industry, leave EA after creating a great game like Dead Space, and say the company treated you awfully, people perk up their ears, which is exactly what just happened to former Visceral Games’ GM Glen Schofield.

In memory of his one year anniversary of leaving EA, Schofield tweeted: “Wow, a year ago today I left EA. What a day that was. They really treated me like shit even after creating Dead Space 4 them.” Schofield left EA to become the head of Activision studio Sledgehammer Games, which is currently working on a new FPS in the Call of Duty series.

Schofield later tweeted: “Seems my tweet got some attention. Didn’t mean to. But after a year of EA bashing us it’s good to get it off my chest.” I can’t imagine why he’s surprised by the attention. It seems like every other day someone in the game industry is telling a major studio head to “fuck off” or saying that a CEO is a “prick.”

To air dirty laundry over Twitter is like pasting it directly to the news. This kind of stuff is the videogame press’ equivalent to what you might find on TMZ. Hopefully Schofield won’t get treated as badly at Activision. I hear nobody has ever had a problem over there.

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