The post-Arrested Development vehicle for actor Will Arnett is assuredly going to be cancelled, but Fox refuses to pull the plug.

Fox’s Running Wilde just returned from a two week preemption on Tuesday, but the network has just announced that the show will be on hold through the end of November. According to Deadline, the show “averaged a 1.3 rating among 18-49 to finish a distant last among all programs on the Big 4 networks on Tuesday, remains the last new fall series whose fate has not been decided though its chances for renewal appear very slim.” In other words, it’s fairly certain that the show will not be returning next fall, but Fox seems reluctant to say so.

The show reunited Arrested Development stars Will Arnett and David Cross with AD‘s creator, Mitch Hurwitz. Running Wilde shares some of its predecessor’s comedic style, but failed to cultivate the same devoted fan base. Arrested Development faced cancellation numerous times, but was ultimately able to run of Fox for three seasons before being shown the door.

Fox is reportedly looking to replace Running Wilde mid-season with Breaking In, a comedy starring Christian Slater set in a digital security firm. For the time being, Fox will be airing reruns of Raising Hope, a comedy that, like Running Wilde, premiered this fall. Ouch.

Source: Deadline

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