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Grab Your Free DUEL MASTERS # 1 With Pat Lee Cover!

Attention Comics Fans!

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You like comics? We got ’em! On Friday, July 3, Dreamwave will join other comic publishers in giving free comics to fans as part of the third annual Free Comic Book Day! Dreamwave will be giving the ultra-cool DUEL MASTERS Issue # 1 to participating retailers all over North America for fans to come and pick up. Just head on down, tell your local retailer you’d like a DUEL MASTERS Issue # 1, and bingo – you can get one in your hot little hands!

Free Comic Book Day is on the Saturday right after the Spider-Man 2 movie premieres, so interest among the general public for comics is at its highest! Free Comic Book day is a great opportunity for fans to let their friends and family who haven’t picked up a comic in a while to see just how incredible some of Dreamwave’s art is! DUEL MASTERS is based on the super-popular trading card game featuring the once ordinary kid, SHOBU, now DUEL MASTER tournament champion that can access a whole other dimension full of beasts and battles! This number one issue chronicles the beginning of it all as SHOBU discovers the power he wields with his magical cards and the trouble that lies in the ZONE!

Dreamwave’s well-known company president Pat Lee penciled the cover for Issue # 1, and is thrilled with the idea that fans can get an incredible deal (read: free!) for this DUEL MASTERS book. “Free Comic Book Day is a great way to extend the fan base for both Dreamwave, and comics in general,” Pat says. “People who haven’t read comics in some time may not realize just how far the art and writing has come, or even the history behind them – they’ve been around since the early twentieth century! I think this is a great way to show readers how much fun comics are, how great they are to read, and how they can grab people’s imagination and attention. I hope everyone can grab a copy of DUEL MASTERS # 1 – it’s a great game, and a great story!”


Calling all those in the 602 Phoenix, Arizona area! Pat Lee and Rob Ruffs (Micromasters) will be making their first trip to Atomic Comics for a very special FCBD signing! Come get your Pat Lee Duel Masters FCBD comic signed as well as all your other favorite Dreamwave books, especially Micromasters #1! Check www.atomiccomics.com for more details.

For more information about Free Comic Book Day, including a handy locator for participating retailers near you, visit http://www.freecomicbookday.com

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