Sensitivity issues with your Guitar Hero World Tour drum kits getting you down? Prepare to pummel the rubber skins with greater efficiency.

Shortly after the launch of Guitar Hero World Tour last week, complaints of sensitivity problems and drum hardware failure quickly arose. Activision recently acknowledged the hardware sensitivity issues and is now offering a free tuning kit to optimize the drums on request.

Now available directly through Red Octane customer support, the free drum tuning kit software allows you to connect your drums to a PC via a USB MIDI interface cable and manually tweak the controller’s sensitivity. You can either use your own cable, if you have one, or request one from Activision for free.

Activision has stated it believes the drum sensitivity issues are limited to controllers made in the early manufacturing stages of the product, and it will be increasing random testing of the drum kits to make sure they’re working properly. Hopefully this will reduce the number of instances of issues in future batches.

For players who’ve found their drum kit doesn’t work at all, the situation is a little more irksome. According to several store clerks contacted regarding returns, Activision is handling all returns or exchanges of GHWT equipment directly. That means you can’t return or exchange the product where you purchased it at all. Instead, you’ll have to submit a RMA request with Activision’s customer support center and pay out-of-pocket to ship the faulty gear back to Activision. It can take up to two-to-three weeks for exchanges to be completed. Good luck with that.

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