Nintendo’s cumbersome friend code system will appear in the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV, and possibly other games as well.

Friend Codes – the twelve digit long, game-specific codes that let people play together on the DS and Wii – aren’t what you’d call an elegant solution for online multiplayer. Unfortunately, it looks like this user-unfriendly system might be making a comeback on the 3DS.

A preview of the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu said that the game’s multiplayer came in three varieties. There are quick matches that pair you up against a random fighter, custom matches that allow you to set different filters to get a more specific type of opponent, and finally a friend match, which let you pick an opponent from your friends list.

In order to add people to your friends list, the preview said, you had to exchange friend codes. It’s not clear whether these codes are specific to just SSFIV, or if it it’s a case of one code per 3DS. The latter would obviously be preferable, although it’s still not an idea solution. We’ve reached out to Capcom and Nintendo for comment and will update we get any new information.

It seems a little strange that the system uses friend codes at all, considering that Nintendo has put a much greater emphasis on online connectivity with the 3DS, and that there are much more elegant solutions available. Hopefully, whatever the system actually is, it won’t be too difficult to use.

Source: Andriasang

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