Marla Jo Fisher, staff writer at the Orange County Register, responded by saying that videogames are for “young men with no self-esteem” and that games “are doing bad things to kids’ brains.”

Earlier this week, I wrote about the self-described “frumpy middle-aged mom” who claimed that videogames were created by Satan. Apparently, she was just joking about the Satan bit, and thought she’d expand on her ideas by writing more blog posts on her opinions of videogames, including My bad: Video games are not from Satan. She specifically mentions The Escapist and sarcastically thanks everyone for their comments. She then goes on to criticize videogames with even stronger language than her first post.

First, she takes a swing at the designers of videogames. “I’m not too convinced by people who were such ardent gamers they became video game creators,” she said. “That’s like saying, “‘Gee, I loved crack so much, I went to Colombia and started my own business and now I’m rich.'”

She goes on:

Video game addiction is becoming more and more recognized as a social problem, mostly for young men under the age of 30 with low self-esteem. There are even addiction clinics all over the world for guys who need help.

Fisher emphasizes the following sentences with bold-face, as if to make them more true.

Video game obsession is a serious illness in this country that many people recognize.

Video games and other electronics are doing bad things to kids’ brains.

She cites anecdotal evidence from schoolteachers as verifiable scientific proof:

All you have to do is ask any teacher about his or her students’ critical thinking skills these days and you will hear a TORRENT of horror stories about kids who have lost the power to think.

Where do you think that’s coming from? Right. TV, computers and video games.

Once again, she rewrites history by wondering what would happen if Einstein played games while backhandedly insulting people who play games:

But, hey, maybe you’re right.

Maybe, if Albert Einstein had only been able to play video games when he was a youth, maybe he would have come up with that Unified Theory that all physicists hope to find instead of merely the Theory of Relativity.

You do know who Einstein is, right? The dude with the hair.

These quotes were taken from only one of the Frumpy Mom’s blog posts. Fisher continues to argue with commenters over the course of the week in Kids on computers in middle of the night, wherein she tells you to go to bed, and Yes, my kids have sad, pathetic lives where Fisher shows off how rich she is by all of the international vacations she is apparently able to afford.

Source: Orange County Register

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