Full Refunds Offered as Batman: Arkham Knight PC Issues Continue

arkham knight

As Arkham Knight issues persist, Warner Bros. announces unconditional refunds through the end of 2015.

Following a launch plagued by stuttering, freezing, memory leaks, glitches, and more issues that resulted in the title being pulled from PC sale, Batman: Arkham Knight became available again last week. However, players continued to report problems with the title. As a result, Warner Bros. has announced that a full refund will be made available for anyone who wants their money back.

“We are very sorry that many of our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight,” Warner Bros. wrote on the game’s Steam page. “We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues.”

Until the end of 2015, Warner Bros. will be issuing unconditional full refunds for Arkham Knight, “regardless of how long you have played the product.” Refunds will also be available for the DLC pass, as long as it is returned with the full game.

For anyone who wants to try to stick it out, Warner Bros. will continue to try to address the issues that are able to be fixed, “and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix.”

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