Fury Beta Weekend: First Impressions

Alan Hoover, our Fury on WarCry Site Manager, ran through this weekend’s Beta Preview event and came back with some thoughts. He took a different approach, as we’ve written a few articles on gameplay itself and this time looked at some of the less publicized features the game has or will have.

WarCry Preview: Fury Beta Weekend
Article by Alan Hoover

imageThe fire and brimstone is settling as this weekend’s beta preview event has drawn to a close. Players sheathed their swords and headed back to the only grind in this game, that of real life. Fury will absorb you and it will occupy the time with its nonstop pvp action. It truly is a game you could jump into on your lunch break, or you could play a game before you head out to dinner with the family, and share your stories of the armor and riches you obtained by winning in bloodbath.

How exactly do you win in bloodbath, you wonder? Bloodbath is a free-for-all arena, your objective, is to kill or be killed. As you kill people they drop blood tokens, these tokens add up as you hold on to them. You can pick up 5 tokens and they help you stay on top of the leader board for the match. When you die you drop your tokens and if you’re not careful someone else will move up in points on the board.

But I digress , I am sure you have heard plenty about Fury’s game play features and preview event summaries, what I want to share is the future of Fury. What can we expect in the next 3 months? A whole ton of extras they haven’t even unveiled yet. So take those previous preview event articles and add in the following:

They are integrating directional VOIP (Voice over IP) which means if you are fighting and your buddy behind you needs help you will actually hear his voice over the game in the general direction he is from you (don’t have full details on if this requires 3.1 sound or higher).

imageWe will see Ladders for several different categories of playing. Solo, Clan and Realm ladders will be added, but it won’t be just who plays more advances highest. It will still be skills that determine your rankings as the ladder system will remember your last matches. Personally I am curious as how this will work and look forward to more details in the future.

We are going to see a new website soon for Fury, one that will have player profiles and clan profiles alike, with match statistics and more. This new website should include a fury timeline, Where they hint of a Fury challenge and access to the game all week long from a pre purchase. Be sure to enter Warcry.com’s Fury Contest for your chance to play all week even sooner.

Soon we get to hear the business model with pricing plans, rumored so far as free to play, pay for extra options. The goal of the extra options, from what I hear, is not to overpower those who do wish to have more by paying some monetary compensation, but to just give them some extras worth paying for. I am anxious to see what they have to offer, that’s for sure.

I am assuming they have even more on the horizon then I have listed out here as they head towards launching on October 9th 2007. So grab a beta slot, read a playing guide, and pick up your sword before the family drags you out to dinner. I’ll be looking for you!

Comments? Let’s hear them.

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