G4 Plans Animated Series


Code Monkeys has been announced for a July 11 debut, with the first episode available on the Internet.

Gaming television network G4 will be premiering a new animated series on July 11 titled Code Monkeys. Described as “a rowdy celebration and biting parody of videogame, technology and pop culture”, the show is the product of Adam de la Pena, the mind behind Crank Yankers and Minoriteam. Employees at the 1980s developer GameAvision and a new oil-tycoon owner relive some of gaming’s most infamous moments. The network plans on merchandising the show with ringtones, cell phone wallpaper and playable GameAvision games.

G4 president Neal Tiles commented to Gamasutra, “Code Monkeys is the first animated comedy made specifically for today’s Xbox/iPod/YouTube generation and could only have come from a network that truly appreciates video games and technology. Whether they’re a gamer or not, the videogame and technology references in Code Monkeys are something every guy will enjoy.”

de la Pena added, “Every episode will include videogame references, as well as guest stars from the past and future of gaming.” is featuring the pilot episode for public viewing.

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