Galactic Civ III Screen 1

Stardock has released new art and screenshots for its in-development strategy title Galactic Civilizations III.

Strategy games aren’t lacking for titles based around the idea of interstellar conquest. That being the case, there was always something special about the Galactic Civilizations games. Perhaps it was the depth of options afforded to players, or maybe it was just the fact that the ship builder in Galactic Civilizations II offered customization the likes of which few other games have even attempted.

Whatever it was about the series that won gamers over in years past, its developers at Stardock are aiming to top it with Galactic Civilizations III. With promises for the game already including an improved ship builder, new map features, deeper political intrigue and, for the first time, online multiplayer, Galactic Civilizations III could very well shape up into one of the premier 4X turn-based strategy titles of the near future.

All of that said, franchise fans haven’t had much of the game to look at up to this point. Happily, Stardock has just released a smorgasbord of new screenshots, concept art and renders to wet the appetite of strategy fans eager for a look at the work in progress. The captures themselves show off a diplomacy screen, a pair of starships and a map screen. The remainder of the images, in turn, include concept art for a trio of races named the Drengin, Iconians and the Thalan. While we admittedly still haven’t been shown much yet, we will admit to still being impressed and excited by the new offerings. Take a look at the screens yourself and let us know if you agree.

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