Galactic Warfare Brings Star Wars To CoD Universe


You got some Star Wars in my Modern Warfare

Let’s be honest about something: Fan mods sometimes result in something that’s even more amazing than the original game (remember World of StarCraft?). Modern Warfare fans look like they’re in for a pretty epic treat, as the final build of a new mod that brings the game into the Star Wars universe has just been released.

The mod is created by Black Monkeys, and reportedly took over two years to finalize. The actual game footage starts appearing about 1:20 into the trailer, and it looks pretty stunning. There’s a wide variety of character types (basically, different types of soldiers in both the Empire and the Rebellion) and environments on display (including Mos Eisley, Cloud City, and what appears to be the interior of the Death Star), and they all appear pretty detailed.

I never played Modern Warfare on the PC, but this seems like a pretty great reason to start. Honestly, this seems like it’s about as close to a next-gen version of Star Wars: Battlefront as players are going to get, and that’s meant as nothing but a compliment. You can download the mod at either link below.

Source: Black Monkeys via Moddb

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