A Galaxy Quest TV series is in the early stages of development at Paramount+, the latest effort to launch a show after many years.

Galaxy Quest TV Series Is in Early Stages at Paramount+

Paramount+ is already turning a (planned) sci-fi TV show into a movie with Star Trek, so why not turn a sci-fi movie into a TV series while it’s at it? Deadline is reporting that a Galaxy Quest TV series is in the works, bringing the fan-favorite film back into action. The series is in very, very early works without a writer or even a basic concept in place, but by Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, it will be made. The return of the franchise is executive produced by the film’s producer Mark Johnson via his Gran Via Productions.

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There are absolutely no details on the series at all. It’s unclear if it will be a reboot or continuation of the original film, which saw the cast of a Star Trek-like TV show accidentally mistaken for their TV characters by a race of aliens who intercepted the show’s broadcasts and mistook them for documentaries of actual space adventures. It’s possible that the original cast could be returning, minus the now-departed Alan Rickman, but this could also be an entirely new thing. Maybe they’ll even just make a Galaxy Quest series that is the TV show from the film, sending up the very franchise that helps keep Paramount+ afloat.

Paramount has been attempting to launch this show for years, even before it had its own streaming platform. Originally, the TV series was going to show up on Amazon and be a direct continuation of the film, with the entire original cast returning. However, the death of Rickman put a stop to those plans, and since then the show has gone through a plethora of false starts with the likes of Paul Scheer, Simon Pegg, and Succession‘s writer Georgia Pritchett. None of them got off the ground, and considering this stab at the series is so early in development, it’s possible it will never come to fruition either. But let’s all remember the most important thing that Galaxy Quest taught us: “Never give up, never surrender!”

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