Gallery: Pokemon Re-imagined As Giant Mechanical Zoids


A talented Japanese artists draws some legendary Pokemon as if they were robots from the Zoids universe.

Pokemon is pretty popular all around the world, and we’ve seen its fantastical creatures re-imagined in every shape, form and style, from LEGO to Tim Burton. Now, Japanese artist 太斗 has imagined some of the monsters as giant mechanical robots – and not just any giant mechanical robots, but Zoids.

Check em out below:

The Zoids anime is moderately popular in Japan right now, but just like Gundam before it, its real popularity lies in the hundreds of cheap plastic model kits on sale in hobby stores around the country. These Pokemon-Zoids really look like something that has been assembled from one of said kits, and makes me wish I could actually buy them.

Source: Pixiv via Kotaku

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