Game Boy Cosplay is Functional, Gamer is Not


There can not be great win without great fail.

One only has to visit their local anime convention to see the unbelievable amount of cross appeal that exists between fans of Japanese animation and video games. Regardless of the focus, one can always expect to find a slew of gaming-based panels, tournaments and of course, cosplay. There’s been Tetris cosplay in the past, but could any of them legitimately play Alexey Pajitnov’s magnum opus?

One clever costumer at Ohio’s annual Ohayocon, held last week in Columbus, has done just that, whipping up not only a giant-sized Game Boy outfit, but a fully-functional one as well. For as much effort as the cosplayer put into his outfit, however, one player most certainly did not. The above video was embedded to show that yes, there are people out there who have no worldly idea how to play a game of Tetris. How shameful.

Has anyone else out there been inspired? I’m thinking Keane and I should hook up for Fanime and go as Konami’s six-player X-Men cabinet.

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