Online game item exchange Sparter has stopped taking orders.

Sparter, a gamer-to-gamer virtual currency exchange for online role-playing games like EVE Online and World of Warcraft (pictured), has halted the purchase and sale of new deals between gamers. The site allowed players to sell in-game gold and other currencies for real world dollars.

Orders still in process will be completed, but once all PayPal and Alipay payments are distributed, the site will be effectively stalled after June 15.

The development team left a farewell note on its blog:

In February of 2007, we launched and the site provided a safe and open marketplace for buyers and sellers of virtual currencies across many games and virtual worlds. Going forward, we believe the best course for our business is to focus solely on providing marketplaces with the full support of game developers and publishers.

To all of the members of the Sparter community, we thank you for your business and support. We continue to believe that open and efficient real-money trade of virtual goods benefits everyone in the gaming ecosystem, and we look forward to creating new solutions with our partners.

Source: TechCrunch

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