Game of Thrones Characters Drawn In the Style of Bob’s Burgers

got bobs

It’s works of art like these that truly make the Internet a magic and wonderful place.

There aren’t many shows out there that have been so consistently brilliant and so woefully neglected (except for here on the Internet, where the truly cultured lie) as Bob’s Burgers has been in their five years on FOX. Arrested Development, maybe. From the series’ very first episode, which saw the Belcher clan accused of mixing human flesh into their burgers, to last season’s water-balloon-warfare-fueled finale, “The Oeder Games,” Bob’s Burgers has put out hilarious, rewatchable, and a third positive adjective episodes week after week.

Atop the mountain of greasy fried excellence that is Bob’s Burgers, however, sits “The Gayle Tales,” a Game of Thrones-inspired, vignette-style episode from last season and one of Bob’s finest half-hours.

Ever since the episode aired back in March, that very same Internet which I mentioned earlier has practically been foaming at the mouth for some kind of Bob’s Burgers-GoT crossover. Foaming, I tell you! And while time will only tell if such a glorious event will ever come to fruition, Imgur user CarlosDanger101 has taken us halfway there, recreating nearly every last member of The Known World in the style of Bob’s.

According to the man himself, it took CarlosDanger a solid month to complete all of this, but that seems like a small price to pay for Internet glory, IMO.

Source: A.V. Club

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