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For just $19.99, you can start learning Khal Drogo’s mother tounge.

Need something to take your mind off of the shocking ending to the latest Game of Thrones episode? How about a bit of light study of the Dothraki language? Living Language has teamed up with HBO to produce a Dothraki study course that aims to teach users one of the most prominent languages of the Game of Thrones universe. Don’t let those Star Trek guys who can speak Klingon one-up you at the next Comic Con!

The base course will set you back $19.99, and contains the Dothraki book and CD package, which feature a pronunciation guide, basic phrases, a detailed guide to grammar, 200 vocabulary words organized in eleven thematic lists, a dialogue, culture notes, and 50 written exercise questions to test your Dothraki. The accompanying one-hour audio CD features pronunciation, phrases, key grammar examples, vocabulary, and a dialogue.

For $30 you can get the expanded online course, which contains five progressive lessons, each with its own expanded grammar notes and examples, key phrases, vocabulary, interactive games, culture notes, as well as five new dialogues highlighting the grammar and vocabulary from each lesson.

A companion app for your smartphone is “coming soon,” and promises to use interactive games to test your Dothraki knowledge for just $3.99.

The course has been put together by David J. Peterson – who has been the linguistics adviser for Game of Thrones since it started back in 2009, as well as creating other alien languages from scratch for series such as Defiance and Dominion.

If this tickles your fancy, you can check out a sample lesson plan right here.

Source: Living Language

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