Game of Thrones Goes “Medieval Land Fun-Time World”


Bad Lip Reading’s “Medieval Land Fun-Time World” trailer is Game of Thrones like you’ve never, ever seen it before.

Eddie Stark is a man with a problem. His theme park is just one week away from opening, and it’s nowhere near ready. The props look good, but the cast is a mess: some drunk, some stupid, some conniving and just about all belligerent in one way or another. They work about as hard as a bucket of apples in Eddie’s estimation, and he’s got just seven days to whip them into shape.

I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones myself so I have only a peripheral knowledge of what it’s all about, but I’m pretty sure that this is a lot more fun than the real thing, kitten meat notwithstanding – and cuz, you should not eat the kitten meat. The best thing about my lack of familiarity with the show is that this trailer comes off as completely legit – that Terry dude looks like he’d be the wildest thing to hit the big screen in years. I would totally watch this. But why does that Jojo kid take so much grief? Poor guy.

And how do you feel about people who go “hadouken,” anyway?

Source: Bad Lip Reading (YouTube)

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