Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice Trailer: The Struggle in the North is Real


The loyalty of House Forrester is sure to be tested.

Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice

Telltale’s adventurous, episodic take on the Game of Thrones universe drops tomorrow, and Episode One: Iron from Ice is just the first helping in what will eventually be a six-part series.

The launch trailer for Iron from Ice is up and running (and embedded to the right), and the final glimpse sets up what should be a bloody, calculated path for House Forrester through The War of the Five Kings.

Like many other noblemen and houses caught up in the war, House Forrester will undoubtedly have to navigate through its conflicts while pledging allegiance to the throne of Westeros, or by sticking with its allies in the North. And like other Telltale franchises before it, these choices are sure to impact what lies ahead in Episode Two, and beyond.

The trailer couldn’t be timed better, as our Iron from Ice review goes live later tonight (3pm ET).

Source: Telltale Games (YouTube)

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