Gamecube Ports Pikmin, Metroid for Wii


Nintendo’s Wii de Asobu program is bringing upgraded Gamecube classics like Pikmin, Metroid Prime and five other titles to the Wii for discount prices.

Translated into English as “Play on the Wii Selection,” Wii de Asobu is a Nintendo effort to improve the graphics and reconfigure controls to fit the Wii Remote for older Gamecube games so they can be resold on the Wii, following the company’s profitable tradition of re-releasing the same games for new systems.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, which originally used a drum peripheral, will offer Wii bongo drumming with the Remote on December 11. Captain Olimar and the first Pikmin game come to the Wii on Christmas. Chibi Robo!, Pikmin 2, Mario Tennis GC, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 2 Dark Echoes.

These seven titles will be sold at budget prices of 3,800 yen, approximately $36.

Source: IGN

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